Ahmad Aljadaan |Usability Engineer


Network Analysis for Yahoo Search Results

Yahoo Network Poster
There is no single way to search for information on the Web. Depending on users' knowledge about search engines, familiarity with investigated topic, and the purpose of the research (preliminary research, high-level research), users might choose to apply different search strategies. When users are using search engines to locate needed resources, search query is determining factors of success. In this project we focused on how navigational and informational queries might differ, since very little has been done to understand how the search results differ for these types of queries. By constructing query connection subgraphs, we find that navigational queries will have more densely connected search results and more pronounced hub structure. Our study results could potentially contribute to greater search engine optimization. Further, Network visualizations can be used to for displaying actual online search results.

Design Methodologies

  • Literature Review
  • Perl Programming
  • Visualizing Network with Pajek and Guess
  • Visual and Statistical Analysis


Analyzing Yahoo Search Results.pdf