Ahmad Aljadaan |Usability Engineer


QR code for the Chronically Homeless

The Project Poster
The project propose a system to use Quick Response (QR) codes and cheap cell phones to alleviate some challenges faced by the chronically homeless. We arrived at this design through the study of the most important issues that the chronically homeless face. After finding that most the problems occur because they keep forgetting things such as medicines or appointments. We found that people who are experiencing homelessness hesitant to share their information or belongings. Our system offers simple interfaces which employ QR Codes for configuring cell phones to perform basic functions such as setting up reminders. The codes can be set in bracelets or necklace which give the homeless a control of their information.

Design Methodologies

  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Personas and Scenarios
  • Prototyping (Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi)
  • User Testing


CHI 2008 Design Project....read more about the competition


QR Code for the Chronically Homeless.pdf